Kitchen Cabinet Repair for Water Damage

Water damage is never good news for your cabinets. Leaking plumbing pipes, water intrusion from outside, and other sources of moisture can warp and damage the wood. Water damage can easily ruin your cabinets and require kitchen cabinet replacement, but if the damage is fairly minor, it can sometimes be repaired.

Kitchen cabinet repair for water damage depends on the structural soundness of the affected cabinets. Short-term damage, like wetness from a sudden burst pipe, is often fixable by cabinet repair contractors. However, progressive long-term water damage can be irreversible.

Along with repairing minor structural damage to cabinets, we may also need to get rid of unsightly stains. In oak and other woods, oxalic acid can remove the blackening that occurs with water penetration. After it’s been treated, the wood can be revarnished to restore its original appearance.

Kitchen Cabinet Repair Contractors in New Jersey

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