There is more to cabinet refacing than just furnishing your cabinet. You can uncover the beauty of your kitchen and transform it completely while also saving as much as $1,000 in the process. You get to also preserve the layout of your kitchen all at the same time. kitchen refacing

What does cabinet refacing mean?

Just like every homeowner out there, you may be thinking of a way to keep hold of your existing kitchen layout but also want it to take on a new and updated look at the same time. Cabinet refacing or resurfacing allows you to maintain your current kitchen outlook while you also get to transform the appearance completely all at the same time. When you want kitchen cabinet refinishing in NYC, it involves strengthening the current frames with durable plywood. On the plywood, you add a maintenance-free laminate or veneer of real wood. At all one kitchen, we have expert craftspersons who are dedicated to giving you the best. They take accurate measurements to guarantee the refaced cabinet boxes are in good harmony with your new drawers fronts and doors. Your choice of handles, hinges, molding, and knobs make up the final phase of your kitchen’s transformation. At All One Kitchen, you get the best professional company for repairs and refinish cabinets. They are dedicated to serving you better, they integrate special devices and equipment which help them achieve outstanding results. They use high-end finishing-like cabinets from the factory. With All One Kitchen, you get 100% satisfaction as a customer, their customer service is top-notch. You get the best price out there. An amazing warranty and also high-end finish, spray system, and durability. Refacing and getting a new cabinet are similar and the result is almost impossible to differentiate. Because the new materials used will be reduced, the labor also will reduce. Refacing a cabinet tends to cost much less than building a new cabinet. When you go for a total overhaul of your kitchen, it makes it inaccessible for a minimum of five weeks, but at All one kitchen, we give deliver a wonderful cabinet refacing for a short period of about one week.

Choose from a wide range of cabinet finishes and colors

Regardless of your status as a homeowner, whether you already have a color in mind or not, all you need is just akitchen cabinet refacing cabinet resurfacing. You have a wide range of options to pick from, there is just the perfect hue for your kitchen and All One kitchen has got you covered.

With cabinet refacing, what do I get?

Sometimes homeowners are surprised because of the awesomeness of the refacing jobs done by our experts at All One Kitchen. They tend to continuously ask for the difference between all-new cabinetry and the refaced ones. At All One Kitchen, we allow our clients to choose from our gallery of amazing jobs well done. With cabinet refacing you can conquer the issues related to kitchen design! With cabinet refacing, you get a jaw-dropping transformation for almost half of what it cost for new cabinetry. There is a whole lot you can while also keeping hold of your current layout. You can integrate an island, additional cabinets or even a peninsula.  Thinking of a taller cabinet? We can increase the height of your cabinet when refacing. You can also use the cabinet to deal with kitchen organizational problems.

Does kitchen cabinet refacing have any benefit?

It may interest you to know that all the feeling of being overwhelmed with attached kitchen renovations cannot be experienced with refacing. The refacing option makes it very simple and provides you with multiple merits over installing new cabinetry.

Almost every cabinet can be refaced

Sometimes you wonder if your cabinets are reface-able? More often than not the answer is yes, even though sometimes we have some exceptions.  Some cabinets are too old and are way beyond refacing.

Process of Cabinet refacing

At All One Kitchen, Refacing and installation are carried out by experts. 4 simple steps make your kitchen look brand new.

  • Remove your doors
  • Reinforcement
  • Add high-quality veneer
  • Apply veneer step

Remove Your Doors

The current doors and drawers are removed at the start of the refacing process.


First, the layer of the exclusive double-lamination refacing process, quality plywood is attached to your current cabinet frames.

Add High-Quality Veneer

The second layer of lamination is added as the exterior finish, in your choice of quality wood or laminate veneer.

Add New Doors & Drawers

cabinet refacingWe install new doors and drawer fronts, with optional drawer boxes, to perfectly match your freshly refaced cabinet structure. New hinges and new hardware complete the kitchen refacing transformation! At All One Kitchen, we are a 5 star rated company and Clients have testified to this (see here for) for customers review. We have the customers interest at heart so guaranteeing customers satisfaction is our top priority


Why should you choose All One Kitchen you may want to ask? Well it pretty straightforward, we offer you the best when it comes to cabinet refacing. You get to save up to $1000 0ff. you can maintain your existing kitchen while transforming it. We use the best locally available materials. Our crafts persons are highly skilled experts dedicated to making you have your dream come to reality. We use High-End Finishing like no other, just to give you the best.  Our Spray Paint Top finish is top-notch. We give you a good job and you and all are working with 5 years warranty. All one kitchen cabinet installation and repair service You can save up to $1,000 off the best styles of the cabinet.

At All One Kitchen

We provide services which include:

  • Cabinet kitchens installations
  • Cabinet hinge and adjustment
  • Kitchen door repair
  • Kitchen vanity installation
  • Kitchen replacement
  • Cabinet refacing
  • Cabinet painting/refinishing