Choosing kitchen cabinet doors can be fun, but also a bit overwhelming with so many different options available today. To choose the best cabinet door for your kitchen, it is a good idea to look at all types of doors without giving them much thought at first; see what styles and materials you really like. Once you figure out what your favorite cabinet door elements are, including not just style and material, but color as well, you can specifically look for doors with those characteristics. Narrowing down your kitchen cabinet door options to the ones that best suit your interior design can help you save time when making your final decision.

Kitchen Cabinet Doors

Choosing kitchen cabinet doors

Of course, if you keep the cabinet frames and choose only the doors, you will have to choose the style that best matches the base units in the closet. Unless you arrange a smart contrast, kitchen cabinet doors in a different material, color, or style than the cabinet bases are likely to destroy the aesthetic. Traditional dark cherry kitchen cabinet frames paired with medium oak doors, for example, can look well on folk art cabinets for a country kitchen, while two tones of the same hue on painted wood can look fine on folk art cabinets for a country kitchen. A frameless glass type is the greatest option for replacing cabinet doors if you want an airy modern aesthetic that matches any existing cabinet frame unit.

If your choice of kitchen cabinet doors does not depend on base cabinet cabinets, then you will have more options inKitchen Cabinet Door colors and materials. If you’ve always had wood cabinets, you might want to consider metal. Or, you can choose a kitchen cabinet door style that opens upward like the overhead storage compartments on many airlines, rather than traditional cabinet doors that open from the side. On the other hand, if you’ve only had inexpensive laminate-faced pre-fab cabinets, and your budget allows, you may want to invest in custom cabinets made from quality wood like cherry, oak, or maple.

Don’t forget to choose attractive handle hardware when choosing a kitchen cabinet door style. Often times, swapping out the handles on a lower-priced closet door can make it look much better. Handles that are too plain or too ornate can detract from the look of expensive cabinet doors. It’s a good idea to be creative and open-minded when choosing a door design so that you can find the best one.