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Cabinet drawers and frames come in different types and styles, especially for semi-custom and custom kitchen cabinet installation. The right drawers and frames can make a big aesthetic difference, as well as having a more utilitarian effect on the amount of storage space that the cabinets will provide.

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Frame Styles for Kitchen Cabinet Installation in NY

For stock, semi-custom, and custom kitchen cabinets, you can usually choose from both framed and frameless styles for kitchen cabinet installation in NY. Traditionally, the vast majority of cabinets were designed in a face frame style, but modern designs can be completely frameless. The right frame– or lack thereof– can depend on your storage needs, budget, and interior design style.

  • Framed cabinet installation. Face frame cabinetry has a 1.5-2″ border or frame that conceals the edge of the actual cabinet box. Functionally, the frame helps strengthen the cabinets and make them sturdier. Doors can be mounted on either the inside or the outside of the frame. Doors mounted inside give a smooth, seamless look, while exterior mounted cabinet doors look more traditional. Few cabinets are made completely from solid wood, with the exception of some high-end custom cabinets. While the doors and frame may be wood, the interior of the cabinet box– which is concealed anyway– is often made from lightweight, cost-effective materials like particleboard or fiberboard.
  • Frameless cabinets. Frameless or box cabinets lack a face frame. Instead, the cabinet doors attach directly to the cabinet box. Box cabinet are roomier than framed cabinets, making them a good choice for homes with limited kitchen space. Their seamless look and clean lines complement modern and contemporary kitchen design styles. They can also be less costly than framed kitchen cabinets, since they require less labor to produce.

Door Styles for Kitchen Cabinet Installation in NY

When you’re installing kitchen cabinets in NY, you can pick from a range of door styles. There are two key types of cabinet doors:

  • Full overlay. Full overlay doors for framed kitchen cabinets cover the face frame. In frameless designs, it covers the cabinet box. This cabinetry style produces a continuous facade of doors and drawers, giving them a smooth and seamless appearance that works very well for contemporary, minimalistic, and midcentury modern designs.
  • Partial overlay. Partial overlay cabinet doors leave part of the box or face frame partially exposed.

Drawer Styles for Kitchen Cabinet Installation in NY

You’ll be able to pick from several types of door styles when you’re installing kitchen cabinets in New York. Your cabinet drawers can be used to store utensils, pots and pans, potholders and dish towels, spices, and other various kitchen accoutrements.

For the fronts and sides of the drawer fronts, solid wood is usually the material of choice. Another option is to used an engineered wood, like veneered plywood. When you’re looking for new kitchen cabinets, you’ll want to avoid flimsy drawers made from materials like particle board. However, plywood works well for the bottom section of cabinet drawers, since it won’t shrink or swell like natural wood.

Well-constructed cabinet drawers are a hallmark of high quality cabinetry. Solid wood fronts with seamless dovetail joinery is a mark of quality construction in semi-custom and custom cabinets. You can also find “soft closing” or “feather mount” glides that close gently due to better shock absorption.

For kitchen cabinets installed beneath kitchen islands, pull-through slides can allow drawers to be opened from either side.

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