They occupy most of the space in the kitchen and are responsible not only for the style of the best kitchen furniture, but for the years that the renovation will last. What are we talking about? Of the best kitchen furniture, of course! And, more specifically, how to choose them to make it a wise investment. Take note of the materials available and what you should look out for:

Material Required For Best Kitchen Furniture

Best Kitchen Furniture's

Synthetic Laminates

Are you looking for an option with a variety of colors and textures, resistant, easy to clean and, if possible,  economical? High pressure laminates – popularly known as Formica by the brand that developed them in their day – are the answer: it offers good resistance to wear, heat, stains and humidity and does not change color due to the action of light. Or the temperature.

In addition, you have them in infinity of settings, each time more realistic. The latest synthetic laminate designs reproduce any material with complete fidelity, including wood, metal and even a stone as trendy as marble.

However, if you want furniture with moldings or glossy, PVC laminate is better, which covers even the edges and is applied by heat, so it adapts to different shapes and reliefs. Virtually unalterable to water due to its vinyl composition, it can present a similar appearance to lacquer, although it is much cheaper than this.

Lacquered Furniture

With a huge variety of colors, lacquers earn points for their aesthetics. Available is matt or gloss, the lacquer is applied in successive layers on both sides of the board and the edges, which gives them a uniform finish.

The laborious process makes these pieces of furniture more expensive, which are generally composed of chipboard, resistant to humidity, and are more delicate to clean than synthetic materials.

Natural wood

Beautiful and timeless, wood is a living material that creates warm and elegant kitchens. The doors lined withBest Kitchen Furniture natural veneer are the most common. They are available in a wide variety of woods and are priced less than solid doors.

Reserve the latter for kitchens with classic or rustic moldings and make sure they are made with stable varieties that do not ‘move’ a lot with changes in temperature and humidity, and have quality varnishes.

What If You Just Want A Makeover?

The kitchen cabinets share highly standardized modules in melamine coated chipboard in which only the doors of your choice change.

Hence, it is possible to completely renew the image of your kitchen with a minimal investment: if your furniture is in good condition, it will be enough to do a ‘facelift’ by ordering new fronts.

And The Lacquers?

Kitchen FurnitureThe doors with moldings and lacquered finishes are perfect for warm and cozy kitchens, with a traditional touch. Make sure of the quality of the lacquer and its application, so that they are also durable and easy to maintain.

One of the advantages that lacquered furniture offers is that it can be finished in any color, including the exact shade of paint that you have chosen for the walls, as in this kitchen.

Do you like glossy finishes but do you find lacquers delicate or expensive? Opti for furniture with a vinyl surface: resistant, easy to clean and inexpensive.

What to Look For When Choosing a Piece of Furniture?

  • Structure: The structure of kitchen furniture is usually made of melamine chipboard. The water-repellent (water-resistant) board will extend its useful life, guaranteed in about 10 years.
  • Hardware: Pay attention to the hardware: the prettiest door will be dull if the hinges sag, while the sturdy drawer guides will allow you to fill them to their maximum capacity.
  • Comfort and safety: With fully extraction drawers, anti-tip shelves and soft closures.