People often need cabinet repair because these are a point of pride in many homes. They make the kitchen, bathroom, or bedroom look special. This is why many homeowners invest a lot of energy and money in making their cabinets perfect.

If your cabinets are not as appealing as you want them to, a professional cabinet repair service could be an excellent place to find help. They can upgrade the hinges, update the handles, and work on the doors and frames until you have a perfect kitchen.

Repairing kitchen cabinets may seem easy, but there is a lot you will need to understand.

In this guide, we will help you understand this, with a focus on repairing drawers.


Introduction to cabinet repair

You may be wondering what cabinet repair is all about. Most kitchens and build-in cabinets are made with a carcass, the wooden frame that makes up the back, slides and opens from, and the doors and drawers.

A skilled cabinet maker can use these parts to create a match with the rest of your home. For instance, they can make the doors a wide range of styles, with different materials ranging from plywood to hardwood.

Some cabinets are custom made, which means they are finished with your choice of parts. You choose the paint, stain, varnish or polyurethane, and everything else that makes your kitchen look good.

However much you try to make your cabinets strong, they wear out. You can have faded or scuffed paint, broken boxes, stuck drawers, and many other things that make it hard to use the cabinets.

Accidents happen in the kitchen, which can expose the raw wood in stained doors. There could also be bind hardware or broken handles on the drawers.

All these are issues that make your cabinets hard to use.

Cabinet repair is the process of rejuvenating the worn-out or damaged part of these cabinets. It means structural fixing and refacing, and replacing hardware.

You can either repair alone or find someone who can do a perfect job for you. Professional repair services exist for this work.

Drawer Repair

The drawers on your cabinets can become hard to use if the hinges or other parts are not working well. And many things can cause these issues.

Some drawer types com only held together by a few drops of glue. Some use short brad nails for the same job.

Whatever the case, you will soon notice issues popping up with your drawers. For instance, you may notice a drawer corner falling apart.

You need to take out the drawer and fix it as soon as possible. Do not wait until it’s too late or the drawers are no longer working completely.

The chances of other parts coming apart are very high.

You can save yourself future hassles by repairing bad areas the soonest. And this begins by identifying the areas that have a problem and working on them.

Here are some common drawer issues:

  • Corners coming apart. As you push and pull the drawers, they become weak in the corners where they could be held together by simple nails or glue. Fix this issue as soon as you start noticing. Place a piece of wood against one corner of the drawer rap is light with a hammer to check its strength. If it falls apart, fix it. You may have to remove the drawer front fully to get this area fixed.
  • Broken drawer front. If the drawer front is broken, the easy fixing can do the trick. For instance, you can reinstall the drawer front. Begin by removing the pull and screws from the drawer, and line up the mortise-and-tenons with the bottom until the drawer is alighted. Or perhaps you just want to reinforce the drawer front, in which case all you need is to drill four new pilot holes and add on more screws.
  • Beef up the bottoms. Most drawers are made with thin plywood at the bottom, which may not be very strong. You can fix this by adding on more ply.
  • Loose knobs. You pull and push the drawers when using the knob. But they are mostly not very strong, and they fall off easily. Fixing them should not be a problem as they are easy to handle.
  • Renewing the shine. If the drawers on your cabinets are no longer as shiny as they used to be, you might want to renew this. It should not take you much effort.

Using bad drawers can be difficult. Sometimes it even feels as though you are missing something important on the cabinets as you have to keep pulling and pushing without any reaction.

Luckily, you don’t have to live with such issues for long. And you don’t have to replace the entire drawer either.

Cabinet repair by professional services

Well, not everyone has the luxury to stay at home or find time to fix kitchen cabinets themselves. Or maybe you just don’t know how to do it.

Do not worry. There are many ways to get yourself a good deal with professional cabinet repair services. These are people who have dedicated themselves to learning about cabinets and making your kitchen look great.

Finding these services is no hassle either. The internet is full of information where you can get in touch with your local repair service.

How much does it cost to repair cabinets?

Whether you do it yourself or hire someone else, it is crucial to know that cabinet repair is not cheap. The most expensive part is the hardware. It’s made with high finishes and great precision to deliver reliable performance.

The cost may vary depending on the area that you need to fix.

For instance, if you are fixing a single door cabinet, you will need two hinges around $6 or up to $22 for European style. You will also need a pull, which costs between $2.50 and $15, depending on the quality.

This is just an example of the simplest repair. A substantial repair work consisting of streaming out dents, replacing doors, or carcass door can cost more than $9000, which is below a typical replacement that can go up to $10000.

Well, there you have it, everything you may need to know about repairing cabinets. We are here to remove the burden from you and to make things easy.