Are you bored of the current look of your kitchen and you want to brighten everything up? Or you feel like the life in your kitchen is gone and you want to bring everything back to life? Refinishing your kitchen cabinet is an amazing way to breathe life into your living space and by doing that you can raise the value of your home. Painting or refinishing your kitchen cabinet can yield an amazing kitchen makeover in a short space of time.

Cabinet refinishing

Now you may be wondering what exactly is cabinet refinishing. In the simple term kitchen cabinet refinishing means, you change the finishing on your current/existing cabinet. It does not involve changing anything at best you just fine the existing surface then you coat it with new paint or stain.

So at that point where you start thinking like a homeowner about how to change the current style of your kitchen or how to do a total overhaul, you may want to take a chill pill and consider refacing, resurfacing, or refinishing your existing cabinet.

When you considering a cost-effective method of beautifying your kitchen, then refacing, refinishing, or resurfacing should be your first option. If you love the existing layout of your kitchen, remodeling the kitchen could be heartbreaking that’s where these options come into play. Interestingly, if you are thinking of a total overhaul, the price may be very high and if you are staying in an older home there is a high tendency that the cabinet in your home is of far better quality than the one in the market. Cabinet refinishing 5 years Warranty

Refacing or Resurfacing cabinets

Resurfacing and refacing kitchen cabinets have the same meaning as they are the same. In a simple term, it is changing all the visible surfaces or parts of your kitchen cabinet when they are closed r when they are in a position of no use. Drawer, doors, and some drawer boxes can also be replaced.

In most cases, if you want to preserve the look of your wood, refacing is your go-to. It is very difficult to change from a deeper wood stain to one that is lighter. Getting a stain to fit if not applied on the same kind of wood can be difficult also. But if the picture in your mind is that the cabinet should be painted then refinishing is your package.

Refinishing cabinets. Is it any different?

Just like it was stated above, when it comes to refacing your cabinet, you are placing new materials over an already existing cabinet frame and changing the doors and the drawer fronts. When it comes to refinishing cabinets though, all you need to do is change the finishing and colour of the already existing materials.

If the physical appearance of your cabinets is good and the strength is still on point then a much better option for you is refinishing, it can still give your kitchen a wonderful change. But before your cabinet undergoes refinishing, make sure they are free of cracks, cuts gouges, etc.

Kitchen cabinet refinishing and repainting

You may be wondering if there’s any difference between them or are they the same thing? Well, paint is also a form of finishing so when you talk of repainting and refinishing you are saying the same thing. Though general finishing may include the drawer handle and some nub designs. Repainting is strictly painting changing the colour or recoating with the same colour. But in a nutshell, you can refer to them as the same.

Thinking of what to do to your cabinet?

Have you ever considered repainting? You can perform wonders with just repainting or refinishing your cabinet. We are a highly experienced company in the kitchen field. And beyond the kitchen, your bathroom and bedroom cabinet can also benefit from our expertise. You can refinish repaint it and still have a good value for your money. You want to maintain the current look of your kitchen but want to liven it up? then you can repaint it.

Why should I repaint or refinish?

Why should you repaint you may think to yourself, well repainting helps you better the mod of your kitchen or bathroom or wherever you are repainting. It saves you money in comparison to a complete overhaul. You don’t need much all you need is a good stain or paint and a good company to carry out the assignment for you. When you repaint or refinish. You enjoy a good feeling and everything turns rand new.

What do I gain?

You can high-class beauty at a lower cost, with refinishing or repainting, since it doesn’t really involve changing anything you get to spend less and still get something of greater value.

Is it worth it?

Yes, unlike a complete makeover where you won’t get to use your kitchen for a couple of weeks. With repainting, you don’t have that kind of issue. At our company, we have highly skilled personnel who are dedicated to bringing your dreams into reality with a high-end finishing and an amazing spray paint top finishing. Your 100% satisfaction is our goal.

Do I get a warranty?

We are sure of giving you a result that’s worth your money. We are also confident in our work that we can assure a 5-year warranty on any of your repainting or refinishing work. We are a 5-star rated company, as such to make keep our customers satisfied at all times we offer them the best.


Repainting and refinishing is a cost-effective means of breathing life into your cabinets in both the kitchen and bathrooms. We are dedicated to bringing your dream into reality. So when you think of repainting or refinishing, think All One Kitchen. We guarantee you the best price, top customer service, and 100% customer satisfaction. We use high-end finish and spray systems that are second to none creating amazing results is our top priority. Whether it is your kitchen or your bathroom, we’ve got you covered. Our clients have never seized to give us a 5-star rating (see here). So with us, you can rest assured of quality work that’s worth your money.