Lets talk about cabinet repair for commercial spaces, Cabinets offer the best solution for keeping files and other important documents at your business office; investing in good cabinets makes you look good sharp, and focused.

For many of us, our business looks presentable. A good-looking office means serious business, and hence, making you easy to trust.
It is all about creating a welcoming environment for you and your customers or possible business partners.

Besides, nice cabinets can make your office look amazing and homely. And since it’s where you spend most of your time, you don’t want anything to go wrong.

Why do cabinets get damaged?

There are many different materials for making commercial cabinets. They vary in terms of price and quality, depending on how they are manufactured.
Most cabinets are made from wood. This makes them look beautiful and appealing.
Wood is an excellent material for adding a subtle touch to your office. It’s used for making most furniture because of its quality.
Some cabinets are made from an iron sheet. These are more durable and perhaps portable.
But for permanent cabinets, many people prefer wood. You can change and manipulate its appearance; however, you want to perfections.
Besides, repairing damaged wood cabinets is far easier than iron ones.
However, no matter how strong the material is, it always gets damaged in due cause. You may not like it, but you have to deal with the possibility of having to replace a few things on these cabinets.
Here are some of the things that cause cabinet damage and cabinet repair for commercial spaces.


We never plan for certain things to happen. Disasters are some of those things that can never be planned for. They just happen, and you have to live with them.

These include:

  • If a fire breaks out in your office or the whole building, the cabinets will be most affected. Since most are made from wood, they catch fire much faster, especially if you keep paper materials inside.
  • Sometimes water pipes pass behind the cabinets. These pipes can start leaving without your knowledge and affect your cabinets. It will force you to repair them.
  • Smoke alone is enough to cause severe damage to your office cabinets. It can change the finish color or trigger fire alarms leading to water sprinkling all over your cabinets.
  • Once you start renovating your office, you find that most of the work touches on the cabinet. Perhaps you are renovating the roof, in which case dirt can fall on and damage the cabinets. Or maybe you are working on the same wall on which you have set the cabinets.
  • Old age. We live in a constantly evolving world with new technologies coming up every now and then. Even your old cabinets will start complaining that they need a facelift.

If you have just moved into the office, you may not like what the previous owner has set up. It all comes down to what you want to do with your office.

Tips for cabinet repair on commercial spaces

No matter how good your cabinets, you will sooner or later want to have them improved. Here are five tips that will help you out.

1. Start Early

Setting up new cabinets is not very easy. It requires a lot of attention and sourcing for the right materials. And this can only happen through careful planning.
As such, you don’t want to wait until they are beyond repair before you start working on them. It would be a good idea to get the repairs are soon as you notice the need.
Repairing the cabinets early might save you a lot of money as you may notice a few other things that have issues and deal with them. This is better than waiting until the damages have stretched too far.

2. Do it your self

If you are worried about the cost of repairing commercial cabinets, you may want to do it yourself. It will not only save you some cash, but it will get you exactly what you desire.
DIY cabinet repairs have their pros and cons. For instance, on the positive side, it allows you to identify certain issues that someone else would not.
Also, you don’t have to pay for labor.
However, you may not know to get the right fixtures. Some cabinets are quite complicated and require only the services of an expert.

3.Employ a professional service provider

Whether your cabinets are damaged in a disaster, or you just need a facelift, it would be a great idea to find someone experienced enough to handle them.

The best thing about these services is that they understand what it takes to make suitable cabinets.

Also, they handle all related services, including but not limited to;

  • Replacing hinges
  • Realigning cabinet doors and drawers
  • Replacing broken doors and drawers
  • Removing scratches and dents
  • Staining
  • Painting
  • Replacing broken knobs
  • Resealing wood finishes
  • Be sure to get someone with a good reputation.

4.Replace worn-out cabinets Replace worn-out cabinets

Keeping a focus on your business can be hard if you have to worry about every detail of your commercial property. Hence, you want to make sure there is someone trustworthy who can keep things in order.
Your cabinets are the face of your office, and they need to be cared for effectively. Cabinets, fixtures, and repairs help you add personality to your office, facility, and property.

5.Cabinets repair cost

Repairing cabinets is not cheap, but it should not be as high as setting up new cabinets altogether. If you find out that the repairs are taking up too much of your budget, consider finding someone to build new ones.

If you hired a professional to do the repair job, they would advise you appropriately. You can therefore save more with new installations than you would with repairing old ones.

Also, if you want to recreate your office’s design, setting up new cabinets would be the best idea.

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