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For kitchen cabinet installation in NYC, you’ll have your pick from a range of materials. Solid wood has always been a classic choice for both traditional and modern design styles, offering appealing aesthetics along with quality construction. There are quite a few different woods that are commonly used in cabinetry, including oak, pine, cherry, mahogany, and many others. Each wood varies in hardness and appearance.

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Popular Woods for Kitchen Cabinet Installation in NYC

While cabinet boxes, which are concealed, are often made from plywood or particleboard, solid wood is used for doors, framing, and drawer fronts. When you’re installing kitchen cabinets in NYC, you’ll be able to choose from a variety of woods with their own unique properties.

Cherry Wood
The warm, rich tones of cherry woodwork very well in kitchens with a deep, warm color palette. The wood itself has a smooth and fine-grained appearance, with a fairly uniform texture. Because it has such an even grain, it takes finishes well.

Cherry wood gets even better with age, as the wood’s light sensitivity causes it to darken over time. This gives aged cherry cabinets a patina that’s widely sought-after as an aesthetic trait.

Maple Wood
Maple is smooth, with a fine and even grain. They can take a variety of glazes, finishes, and paints, making them aesthetically versatile when used in bathroom and kitchen cabinets in New York. Natural maple has a creamy whitish coloration, occasionally interrupted by reddish-brown tones and mineral streaks.

Oak is a sturdy, solid, and heavy work, carrying an air of tradition and gravitas that can complement Old World design. Ranging in color from white to deep reddish-brown, oak wood is characterized by interesting patterns of mineral streaks, knots, and grain patterns.

Alder Wood
Alder wood cabinets have light brown and reddish tones, with a straight and even grain. It has a stable staining surface. Rustic alder has pronounced knots and grains, lending a rugged elegance to rustic and country kitchens.

Hickory Wood
Hickory wood is hard and strong, with dramatic colors and contrast between the heartwood and sapwood. Can vary in color from blonde to dark brown, often with yellow or reddish tones.

It has a rugged appearance and a relatively coarse texture.

Birch Wood
Birchwood for kitchen cabinet installation in NYC is a medium density hardwood with a smooth texture, strong grain, and high resistance to abrasion.

The sapwood ranges from white to yellow, while the heartwood is dark brown or reddish-brown.

The range in color can add significant visual interest to cabinets made out of birch.

Walnut Cabinets
Walnut wood has a smooth, fine, and straight grain. Unlike the warm yellow and red tones found in many other common hardwoods, walnut tends to have cooler, grayer undertones, ranging in color from chocolate to light, greyish red-brown.

As it ages, it mellows and lightens.

Pecan ranges in color from blonde to dark brown, often with reddish tones. The contrast between the heartwood and sapwood gives pecan a dramatic coloration.

Choosing the Right Color for Kitchen Cabinets in NY
Cabinets are a significant visual part of almost any kitchen, making them a major design component.

The color of your kitchen cabinets can have a dramatic effect on a kitchen’s appearance and atmosphere, making color a major consideration when installing kitchen cabinets in New York.

In many traditional kitchens, the wood itself takes center stage, often complemented by a finish that can tint or darken the wood.

Other kitchen styles use bright, cheery white paint, ultra-modern black cabinetry, or even unusual paint colors like bold red or baby blue.

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