Kitchen Cabinet Repair for Common Problems

Many issues with kitchen cabinets are actually relatively minor and can be repaired without replacing your cabinets completely.

Some of the most common problems that we fix during kitchen cabinet repair service include:

  • Sagging shelves. The shelves inside your cabinet can gradually begin to sag over time, making it more difficult to store things comfortably. We can replace sagging cabinet shelves easily.
  • Worn-out drawer slides. The drawer slides in your kitchen cabinets take a lot of abuse, and they can eventually wear down. You may find that one or more drawers don’t open easily, won’t close, or have become misaligned. This is especially common in silverware drawers that get a lot of use. Simply adding a lubricant won’t fix faulty slides– you’ll need them replaced by a kitchen cabinet repair contractor.
  • Misaligned cabinet doors. Cabinet doors can fall out of their proper alignment. By adjusting or replacing the hinges, we can fix it.
  • Doors that slam shut. Loud cabinet doors can be a major annoyance. We can actually install bumpers to dampen the sound.
  • Warped drawer bottoms. Although cabinet doors and front framing are commonly made from high-quality solid wood, other components like drawer bottoms are usually made from lightweight plywood. Thin plywood can become warped and wavy, and the solution is generally to replace the bottom.
  • Broken drawers. Broken drawers don’t mean you need Aster kitchen cabinet replacement. If the drawer is coming apart, but the wood parts themselves aren’t broken, we can put them back together. You’d be surprised how many RTA or stock cabinet drawers are held together with little more than a few drops of glue.
  • Scratches in the wood. Cabinet doors can get scratched, but this can be fixed with a fresh coat of paint or varnish.
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