Small kitchen design in New York can pose a challenge for homeowners, especially in the heart of NYC where space is limited and square footage comes at a premium. Tiny kitchens can easily end up cluttered and claustrophobic, making it hard to cook a meal or entertain guests. In a small urban apartment, even finding the space for your pots and pans can be a headache.

The right kitchen cabinets can make a big difference when it comes to optimizing your use of limited space. At All 1 Kitchen, we specialize in kitchen cabinet installation in New York and nearby areas of New Jersey. From prefabricated Ikea cabinet installation to beautiful custom cabinets in an unlimited range of designs and materials, we can provide aesthetically appealing storage solutions for small kitchen designs. For a free consultation from an experienced kitchen design contractor, call us any time at All 1 Kitchen, at 201-731-5176.

Kitchen Cabinet Installation for Small Kitchen Design

Unless you live on snack food and takeout, you need a kitchen that’s not only beautiful but fully functional. Space limitations can pose a challenge, and many people in NYC struggle with a cooking and dining space that’s practically a kitchenette. Making the best use of your small kitchen has two facets: maximizing storage space and workspace, and kitchen design that uses color, shape, and form to visually open up the space.

Finding the Right Kitchen Cabinets in NY

Custom cabinetry will provide you with the most options for fitting cabinetry into a small space. While standard cabinets that come prefabricated are generally only available in a certain set of dimensions, high-end custom kitchen cabinets allow for unusual sizes, innovative storage solutions, and kitchen cabinet installation in NY that’s tailored specifically for your kitchen. For minor scratches and blemishes, consider a kitchen cabinet touch-up to maintain the beauty of your cabinets.

Some of the options you might consider include:

  • Installing kitchen cabinets in custom sizes. With higher-end custom cabinetry, you can order cabinets in unusual shapes and sizes.
  • Multiple-shelf units. These front-access cabinets have a second set of shelves, and the front set pulls out automatically. The extra back section gives you some easily accessible extra storage space for pots, pans, and other necessities.
  • Cabinet door racks. Installing a rack on the inside of a cabinet door can give you an extra spot for cleaning supplies, cooking utensils, and more.
  • 2-in-1 cabinet drawers. Installing kitchen cabinets with two-in-one drawer designs makes use of the full depth of your drawer space, ultimately giving more room for utensils or spices with easy access.

Other Kitchen Storage Options

There are all kinds of inventive ways that you can incorporate storage into your small kitchen design in New York, preventing ugly clutter whenever possible to keep your kitchen looking great.

Add shelving above upper cabinets.

When we’re installing cabinets in New York that are upper cabinets mounted on the wall, we may or may not install them so that they reach the ceiling. Especially with custom cabinetry in customized dimensions, we can leave some space above the cabinets. This space can serve as storage on its own, or you can install a separate shelf above the cabinets. This provides some useful storage for various odds and ends that you may not be able to find room for inside the cabinets.

Put some things on display.

Not everything needs to be hidden away in a cabinet or drawer. Inventive solutions like displaying spices on racks or in decorative mason jars, or keeping cooking utensils out in an easily accessible container, can help reduce your storage space problems in a visually appealing way.

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At All 1 Kitchen, we routinely work with renters and homeowners in New York who are limited on space– especially people in small apartments in the heart of NYC. We can help you find ways to maximize storage space and workspace in even the smallest kitchens, including custom kitchen cabinet installation designed specifically for your small kitchen. Call us today for a free consultation with a free cost estimate, at 201-731-5146.