Refacing is the easiest way to change my kitchen cabinet color. Cabinet refacing has grown in popularity in recent years due to an increase in the number of firms that operate in refacing kitchen and bath cabinets. Cabinet refacing is often performed as part of a broader bathroom or kitchen remodeling project in Northern New Jersey and New York City. Other times, a homeowner can determine that the cabinets are the only item that needs to be rehabbed, so they don’t want to pay the outrageous cost of replacing all-new cabinets.

Painting the cabinets is a common approach to changing the appearance of modern cabinets. Although painting cabinets is less costly than removing or refacing cabinets, it can take longer than anticipated since the surfaces must be properly cleaned for the paint to stick. Cabinet refacing is a newer solution to ripping down and removing cabinets. And that is why you can rely on All One Kitchen to give your cabinet a new color of your choice. Here are three reasons to consider cabinet refacing to change your cabinet color.

Change My Kitchen Cabinet Color

  • More cost-effective

Cabinet refacing is at least 50% less expensive than getting new cabinets built. Typically, cabinets only require minor touch-ups to improve their appearance. If you like the existing configuration of your cabinets or want to change the color, you may want to try refacing rather than a complete cabinet redesign.

  • Eco-Friendly

Compared to a complete Allmilmö kitchen cabinet overhaul, merely refacing the cabinets to change its color is a more environmentally conscious choice because you create less waste. Furthermore, a range of custom kitchen remodeling firms that sell refacing solutions recycles the still-usable pieces from other cabinets. This is unquestionably the greener alternative.

  • There is less work to be done.

Choosing to reface your kitchen cabinets is a more realistic option because it is less expensive than replacing your cabinets and adding new ones. Trying to replace cabinets is an enormous task that can take you a day or two to complete. If it’s to save money, time, or resources, refacing is almost always preferable to the alternative.

Can You Change Cabinets Color on Your Own?

Consider the cost; it is enticing to change your cabinet color by refacing it. It has an exact procedure that can not be undertaken lightly. You can reface your Eggersman kitchen or bathroom cabinets if you have enough time and the needed skills for painting. Consider the following points before embarking on this project:

Material Costs: If you make an error in drywall or a laminate surface, new products are inexpensive and simple to purchase with the following home improvement store run. However, if you make a mistake with wood veneer, new products are costly and necessitate another online order.

Cabinet Framework: Cabinets cannot be refaced if they’re not structurally sound. Repairing cabinets can be problematic for homeowners who lack the required woodworking equipment and expertise. If the cabinet boxes are damaged, you can repair the cabinets.